Registration Information

  • Grading: Age grading relates to your age at 31st December 2021.
  • Annual fee period 1st April 2021–31st March 2022
  • “Payment of this fee is required within two weeks of attendance”.
GradeClub FeesAthletics NZ & Auckland Registration FeeTotal for Harriers, XC, Track, and Field
6 years and under$20.00$10.00 + $8.00 $38.00
Competitive 7-14 years old (first two family members)$30.00$35.00 + $25.00$90.00 each
Competitive 7-14 years old (third child or more in the same family)$15.00$35.00 + $25.00$75.00 each
Competitive 15-19 years old$30.00$51.00 + $25.00$106.00
Competitive senior 20 years and over, plus Masters$60.00$66.00 + $25.00$151.00
Club runners over 20 years old (social)$60.00$36.00 + $25.00$121.00
Competing club life members$0.00$36.00 + $25.00$61.00
Volunteers and non-competing club life members$0.00$20.00$20.00
Second Club Associate Member$30.00$0.00$30.00


  • Club runners are not eligible to enter any Auckland or ANZ events.
  • Volunteers and non-competing life members please register.
  • To earn points at club events, club uniforms must be worn: Club t-Shirt or singlet, and black shorts. Uniforms can be purchased through the Club. Club uniform must be worn by club members at all Auckland Centre events, Athletics New Zealand events, and at Club championships.
  • Before registering: returning Members, if you have changed your email address, please contact the Club first.

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Payment online only by credit, debit, or Prezzy card.